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3D Visual projection


17 September


Art Display Windows Toss Gallery, Vilara 1, 54625, Thessaloniki

We are excited to introduce “Alternations,” a 3D projection art event that will illuminate our gallery windows on Sunday, September 17th, as part of the Street Outdoors open-air party at La Doze bar. The visual artist Mitsi Papazachou, a recent graduate from AUTH School of Fine Arts (2022), will be joining us to unveil a captivating blend of art and technology, immersing in a mesmerising world of 3D video art. Prepare to transcend the boundaries of reality and the artificial as her artwork conjures a hybrid reality, crafting an artificial ecosystem that encourages the shift from the personal to the interpersonal and from the virtual to the physical. Join us outside at Villara street to experience the enchanting projections and dynamic electronic sounds that will play throughout the evening.

Sunday 17 September
Time of the projection: 21:00
Free entrance

Toss Gallery, Vilara 1, 54625, Thessaloniki

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