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Project type

Group Art Exhibition


19- 24/06/23


Toss Gallery, Vilara 1, Thessaloniki

When art meets societies...

In an era where Greek perception continues to be largely conservative, sexist and religious, it goes without saying that the struggles for social justice, equality and overturning macho standards of masculinity continue to be highly relevant and necessary. In the Greek countryside, but also in every type of closed social group - even within the large urban centers - social osmosis, the defense of all diversity and the fight against toxicity are deemed necessary. As every LGBTI+ person has experiences of discrimination against him, from his early years to his present, such experiences are called to be eliminated and become a thing of the past. The activity of all of us in the direction of shaking off these standards and consolidating values such as freedom, diversity, choice, self-determination and truth can be found in a variety of social actions, in marches, in social and legal claims, in cultural events, etc.

In the visual creations of this exhibition, the individual and the whole are observed, the values that run through individuals and their differentiation, the variety of the morphoplastic ability of materials and their search in rich artistic fields and media, the exploration of the visual language and the active social participation. The awakening of an artistic group and its activation transforms the concept of visibility from a verbal and social message to an illustration, a representation, a sensory stimulus. The experience of fermentation, viewing and discussion penetrates the level of communication and touches the deepest being, the essence, individual and social sensitivity.
In the works of the exhibition, figures and landscapes, rich textures and elements of empowerment, contemporary representations and environments, from the entire spectrum of the visual arts are found. The separate treatment of each project contributes to the overall observation and interaction attempted by independent personalities, from different origins and employers, but arriving at a common bed. The imagination that their art offers. Conversing with the viewer, questions are raised. But perhaps one stands out more: "Can a value be solidified if it is not experienced?"

The artists (open group Double Trouble), who participate with their work in «Intervisibility» in the context of Thessaloniki Pride 2023 are: Amanatiadou Chrysi, Vlachos Odysseas – Konstantinos, Gianna Lydia, Giannezi Theano, Gkountinakis Alexandros, Gkrintzou Stamatia, Didaskalou Ioannis, Dittopoulos Ilias, Douloudis Konstantinos, Kapetanou Alexander, Kapetanou Dimitrios, Karaoulani Dafni, Kentempozidou Rafailia, Kyriafini Katerina, Lekka Anthusa, Magkoni Souzana, Manousopoulou Kassiopi, Mavroulias Spiros, Bogiatzis George, Paschalousi Eleni, Rentzoula Nefeli, Tanda Lysa, Tsesmeli Maria, Chatzipapatheodoridis Konstantinos, Fanara Chrysi

Production Group: Thessaloniki Pride, Toss Gallery
Curated by: Theano Giannezi Alexander Kapetanou
Organised by: Alexander Kapetanou

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