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"Safe Shell" - Duo Exhibition with M.Poetry & Stavros Segkoulis

SAFE SHELL | Duo exhibition with M.Poetry & Stavros Segkoulis

Project type

exhibition, street art, paste up, illustration


30 March - 13 April


Toss Gallery, Vilara 1, Thessaloniki


Safe Shell: The inner monologue of two observers of the contemporary urban landscape.

From the 30 March and for 2 weeks, the walls of Toss Gallery welcome the first joint exhibition of M. Poetry and Stavros Segoulis entitled "Safe Shell": a selection of portraits, figures and poems that do not constitute a mere, one-dimensional, but start an exciting dialogue, interpreting and complementing each other.

What connects the two artists is a common concern, but also a need: the expression of the introspective feelings that the urban landscape inspires, as they are "unlocked" through interaction with its people. The "Safe Shell" is a personal space that hosts the inner monologue. An emotional hideout in which modern man protects himself, but also observes and takes note of the chaos of the urban environment.

The use of techniques that we traditionally associate with guerilla street art, such as paste-up used for the poems’ placement and graffiti influences in the painting of the portraits contribute to the complete immersion of the viewer in the urban labyrinth that the two artists are trying to describe.

We invite you to browse with us through this contemporary collection of works, observe them, discuss them and finally make your mark by creating your own paste-up to complement our fictional city!

A few words about the artists:

M. Poetry is a contemporary poet and guerilla street artist. Born in Thessaloniki in 1991, he started sharing his poetry on walls of the city's bars. He expanded his artistic activity during the quarantine, using paste up methods to stick posters with poems in suitable locations throughout the city, thus "initiating" an original dialogue with passers-by and highlighting unseen corners and neighborhoods. He writes in his native language, English, to address every resident of cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, without restrictions.

Stavros Segoulis is an artist who was born in Thessaloniki in 1994 and graduated from the School of Fine Arts in 2022. He has already presented his works in individual and group exhibitions such as: "Sandbox", "Accumulation" and "Figures without limits''. His source of inspiration is the modern urban lifestyle, which he chooses to explore through expressive figures that hide aspects of his own psyche and concerns. His ultimate goal is to capture human emotions, sometimes in more detail and sometimes more abstractly.

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