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/θre.psis/. A visual narrative from a female perspective

Project type

group art exhibition


27.04 - 07.05.23


Toss Gallery, 1 Vilara & Syngrou (mezzanine), Thessaloniki

From 27 April to 7 May, Toss Gallery hosts a group exhibition entitled /θre.psis/(Nourishment). Nine visual artists with multi-layered sources of inspiration and different means of expression, present their own experience as a conversation stimulator around the issue of the female perspective.

/θre.psis/ is a narrative, a reference to how the artists perceive the world around them, but also primarily themselves as female creators. Responding to the perpetuation of the de facto culture of objectification of the female image, the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to navigate the female artistic identity.

Possessing the knowledge and power of their gender, with their nature nourishing and being nourished by constant changes, both physical and spiritual, the creators seek truths through their artistic expression, integrating their experiences into their works. There is no portrait that is not a self-portrait, there is no object, landscape, book, image that is not experientially connected to them. The materials with which they create the works reflect their values, qualities and psyche. The colour palettes are varied, embracing stereotypical feminine colours but also dark shades, thus representing the polarity of the female psyche. The influence of elements of nature is also evident in many works, setting an allegory for the tenacity, growth and sensitivity of the female sex.

The exhibition primarily challenges us to deconstruct the anachronistic convention of women as mere objects of depiction, and celebrate women in the position of creator. Encouraging the dialectic between artist and audience, nine female visual artists seek to "nourish" a society that’s thirsty for evolution.

Featuring the artists:

Vlasidou Daphne
Dimoka Maria
Nikolaidou Rena
Papavasileiou Alexandra
Papagiannopoulou Elsa
Savvidou Efstathia
Saouridou Maria - Anna
Timotheou Anneta
Fessara Kalliopi

photos by Anthony Black

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