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Comic Art Exhibition


25.05 - 01.06.23


Vilara 1, Thessaloniki

On Thursday 25.05.23, Toss Gallery welcomes "The bi-polar wolf pup", the nagging comic by Maria - Elisavet Kotini that unexpectedly breaks strip limits and takes the reader on a fun journey of surreal doom. Within the euphemistic simplicity of the lines, hide existential questions that break the fourth wall to remind us to laugh a little through our own gloom. After all, in life, as in this comic, not everything is black and white... there’s also a splash of pink!
We invite you to meet "The bi-polar wolf pup ", but also to draw your own "bi-polar wolf pup" and become a proud member of the bi-polar wolf herd! Then again, if you're not into painting, we'll also have board games!
Inside the dump, lies a bi-polar wolf-pup, thrashing and howling.
It tries to put life and the garbage around it in order, but it is impossible. Desperation has become second nature to it. Its only consolation and escape from the gloom, the small pieces of cheese it sometimes finds in the garbage. It sniffs them and travels through controversial visions, but at the very least it is briefly transported away from its black and white, blurry existence. Figures pass through the dump. Are they real or is it imagining them too? An Icarus of lost dreams, a tanner who won’t even take its fur and a nurse who forbids it from escaping in the name of "health"... But is it too late?
Maria-Elisavet Kotini was born in the exotic city of Alexandroupoli on 10/06/88. The youngest of five, she moved to Thessaloniki for studies, where she still resides. She is a graduate of the NTNG drama (2012) and AUTH Law School of AUTH (Miss Law School 2018).
She is also a founding member of the theater group C for Circus, as well as a singer and lyricist in the electronic music trio M.A.t.E (Meetings Along the Edge). She is a director, editor and producer for the alternative trash video company "URSULA HENARES PRODAKSIOZ". Lately, she has been devoting herself to vulva-sculpting and penis-sculpting for her craft project Trip Catcher (@tripcatcherart).
Additionally, the creatrix of a makeshift Escape Room that started in her own room and continues to grow in a hidden part of the city... Lastly, she is very keen to gradually publish her illustrated adult themed fairy tales!

Opening: Thursday 25 May / 20:00
Duration: 25.05 – 01.06.2023
Visiting Days / Hours : Tuesday to Sunday 19:00 – 23:00, Monday CLOSED
Address: Toss Gallery, 1 Vilara & Syngrou, Thessaloniki, mezzanine
Entrance through La Doze bar
Curated by Toss Gallery team
Published by Red n' Noir

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