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Located in the heart of the city, Toss Gallery is a creative space dedicated to showcasing urban and contemporary art. A versatile and welcoming house for emerging and established artists alike, the gallery aims to strengthen the local art community as well as build relationships with other art communities around the world.

Founded in 2010, Toss Gallery is a friendly, creative space of artistic discovery. Ideally located at the street-facing corner of Vilara and Sigrou Street, on the upper floor of the bar La Doze, our multifaceted space offers a variety of possibilities for exhibiting artists.
We are dedicated to showcasing urban and contemporary art, exhibiting both established artists an also introducing new and emerging artists of all disciplines. We challenge artists to intervene or engage with the space, offering all necessary equipment and supporting innovative and thought-provoking ideas. Since our founding, we have hosted a multitude of painting exhibitions (individual or group), photography, visual arts, graphic arts, performances, installations, documentary screenings, art seminars, theater groups, etc. We are always keen for new collaborations with artists, artistic bodies and organizations to help grow our booming gallery family.

Toss Gallery Thessaloniki
Toss Gallery - La Doze Bar
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